Vacuum bags

PA/PE Bags

These are multi-layer bags (with 5-11 layers) with controlled barrier, intended for packing the products on vacuuming machines, with modified atmosphere or vacuum packing. There are over 25 possible dimensions, they can also be made in atypical sizes, in three types: corrugated, thin smooth and thick smooth vacuum bags.

Use of the products

They can be used to pack a wide range of products: meat, processed meat, cheese, fish, seafood, vegetables, fruits, pasta, coffee, etc. PA / PE packaging is available for standard packaging or packaging for cooking and pasteurizing products from the HoReCa industry (hotels, restaurants & catering).

They are also ideal products for packaging industrial products: metal parts, electronic parts, medical products, chemicals, car parts, etc.

Types of thicknesses

PA / PE vacuum bags also have a medium or high barrier, with a thickness ranging between 50 and 200 microns, with three side seams and can be printed flexographically.

Areas of use:

Vacuum bags can be used in areas such as:

  • house and kitchen
  • catering
  • the HoReCa industry (hotels, restaurants & catering)
  • travel and camping
  • agricultural industry
  • fishery and butchery
  • manufacturers of electronic components
  • manufacturers of metal elements (for instance: automotive industry, aerospace industry)
  • in almost any other field of activity

Advantages of PA / PE bag packaging:

  • Increasing the shelf life of the products packaged in this way, by preventing their contact with air and slowing down the process of spoilage;
  • Creating a resistant barrier against external factors (dust, dirt, moisture);
  • Ensuring a packaging with a high visibility of the product;
  • Minimizing the use of preservatives;
  • Waste reduction.

Types of vacuum bags

Corrugated vacuum bags

They are used for vacuuming devices with external suction (only the end of the bag is inserted into the appliance at the time of vacuuming, the rest of the package remaining outside the appliance).

Smooth vacuum bags

They are used for vacuum devices with internal chamber. They are not intended for Gorenje, Food Saver, Laica, etc. household appliances.

Corrugated or smooth vacuum bags can also be ordered from our online store