Sous-Vide bags

Vacuum bags are the perfect choice for Sous-Vide cooking * and for use with vacuuming devices with external suction. They can be used for heat treatment, Sous-Vide cooking.

Vacuum bags for Sous-Vide cooking

The corrugated (embossed) bag can be used with vacuuming devices with external suction.

  • Maximum temperature: 121°C (maximum time at maximum temperature: 1 hour).
  • 100% food quality
  • Thickness: 90 microns
  • Size tolerance: +/- 3%

The products are accompanied by a Certificate of Conformity and Warranty for the food industry.
Delivery time 24 hours after a firm order.

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Advantages of Sous-vide cooking:

  • Food consistency is maintained, avoiding massive weight loss of meat and much more;
  • The taste of the food is preserved; when cooked in its own juice, the preparation remains juicy and has flavor;
  • Avoids burning or overcooking food; When the final cooking point is reached, the Sous Vide method keeps the preparation at the chosen temperature; therefore, there is no need to constantly monitor the cooking process;
  • The preparation is cooked evenly, being exposed to the same temperature on its entire surface as opposed to “pan” cooking, where the fire heats the surface of the pan more intensely on the edges than on the center, or vice versa, depending on the intensity.


*Sous-Vide is a cooking method of French origin, especially recommended for cooking meat

The meat is placed in plastic bags which are then vacuumed and then placed in a bowl of water, at a low and constant temperature, for a period of one hour to 12 hours.

This method of cooking ensures a uniform preparation of the meat, keeping the nutrients in the food, with a quality superior to traditional cooking.