Laminated films

Triplex laminated

Barrier films are used for MAP packaging of perishable or long-shelf-life food products.

Laminated films with barrier

Laminated films with barrier are specially designed for use on high-speed horizontal or vertical flow-pack machines.

Almost all of these films are delivered with AF treatment and can be printed flexo or roto sandwich type. They are used for packing several kinds of products: Emmental cheese, raw-dried meat products, coffee, pet food, bakery products, generally for bulk products or low humidity products.

Non-barrier or medium barrier films

They are used for the packaging of products which do not require special storage conditions, or which maintain their shelf life without the need for special properties of the packaging.

They can be configured in a very wide range of structures depending on their application and the particularities of each packaged product and are used for fresh or frozen vegetables, bakery products, chips, raw-dried salamis, frozen fish, etc. They can be delivered with the AF option and can be customized by roto or flexo printing.

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