Custom laminated stand-up Doypack bags

Laminated bags with zip protect food from moisture, gas, and odor. Laminated Doypack stand-up bags offer increased protection against bacteria, food is kept in the best conditions of hygiene.

Laminated stand-up bags with zipper

Compared to other forms of packaging (jars or bottles), laminated bags are more advantageous because they reduce the weight of the packaging, reduce transport costs (where applicable), reduce storage space, and reduce the amount of the resulting waste volume. Stand-up laminated Ziplock bags are easy to use, their specific closure allows us to use them repeatedly without destroying the packaging. This type of bag can be used for packing spices, coffee (ground or beans), tea, cereals, flour of any kind, etc. They are recommended both for stores that sell these types of products as well as also for household users.

Custom laminated stand-up Doypack bags can also be ordered from our online store