Antistatic bags

Antistatic bags are intended for the packaging and transport of electronic components, with the specific purpose of protecting them from mechanical shock or electrostatic discharge.

ESD antistatic bags

Protection of electronic parts is essential during handling as accidental electrostatic discharge may occur and damage the components.

Antistatic bags are made of four layers on each side, so as to ensure the dissipation of electrostatic energy so as not to damage the packaged electronic components, according to Faraday’s “cage” principle (isolation from electromagnetic fields is ensured). The bags are available in a wide range of sizes (over 30 sizes), from 50.8 mm x 76 mm to 508 mm x 762 mm, which allows extensive use for small but also for large products. They have a high degree of transparency, allowing the object to be identified without unpacking. At the same time, antistatic bags can be customized at the customer’s request.

Another characteristic of antistatic bags is that they protect the packaged components from moisture. The products in the antistatic bags have no contact with the environment, which prolongs their lifespan.

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