Manufacturer of barrier vacuum bags for the use of vacuum sealers

The products’ characteristics are carefully controlled, and we choose our partners thoroughly in order to provide products of the highest quality.

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  • I represent a local fishery and this year we launched a new product that needed special packaging. The barrier vacuum bags proved to be the right solution. I am sure now that my products are safe and sound on their way to our customers. I strongly recommend Plastic & Paper Distribution.
    Alex Popescu
  • I have discovered recently the importance of proper packaging for food that requires longer periods of storage in my grocery store. I contacted the Plastic & Paper Distribution manufacturer of barrier vacuum bags and they have quickly provided a sample and the conditions for an order. I am satisfied with this collaboration. Millions of thanks!
    Ioana Ilie
  • Popa Paulina
    The corrugated bags have a high quality, they are well-manufactured and I am convinced they will be very useful. I have also been happy with the delivery services (it is important!). Thank you! I will definitely come back to buy some other products from your company.
    Popa Paulina

Embossed (coextruded) vacuum bags:

These are used by vacuum sealers with external suction (only the end of the bag will be introduced in the sealing machine during the process, the rest of the package remaining outside the sealing machine).

(Thin or thick) smooth vacuum bags:

This type is used for vacuum sealers with an internal chamber. Smooth vacuum bags should not be used by household equipment such as Gorenje, Food Saver, Laica etc.

Advantages of packaging with PA/PE bags:

An increased shelf life of packaged products, by preventing air contact and slowing the alteration process;

It creates a resistant barrier against external factors (dust, dirt, moisture);

It ensures a high-visibility packaging of the product;

It minimizes the use of preservatives.

Use of Vacuum Bags

Vacuum sealer bags can be used in the following domains:

• home and kitchen
• catering and food industry
• hotels, restaurants, coffee shops
• camping and traveling
• agricultural industry
• farming and market-sector
• hunting and fishing
• electronic manufacturing industry
• packaging and metal processing industry (automotive industry, aerospace industry)
• any other domains

Our clients


The antistatic bags are designed for packaging and transportation of electronic components. The specific purpose is to protect the products from mechanical shocks or electrostatic discharge. A high level of protection for electronic components is absolutely essential during handling, as accidental electrostatic discharge might seriously damage the components.


The antistatic bags are manufactured with four layers on each side, so as to ensure the dissipation of electrostatic energy. The purpose is to avoid damage to the packed electronic components, using the Faraday's "cage" principle (isolation from electromagnetic fields). The bags are available in a wide range of sizes (over 30 sizes), from 50.8 mm x 76 mm to 508 mm x 762 mm, which allows extensive use, for small and large products. The antistatic bags have a high degree of transparency, so the object is identified without breaking the packaging. At the same time, antistatic bags can be customized and personalized at the customer's request.

Even more, the antistatic bags are moisture-proof. The products in antistatic bags have no direct contact with the environment, thus prolonging their life.


Guiding principle

The features of our products are carefully monitored and we choose our partners thoroughly, in order to provide products of the highest level of quality.


The PA/PE bags are produced in our factory in Iași, Romania, following the technical standards of production for an efficient consumption of energy and with a permanent inspection of the quality and of the specific junctions. Currently, we produce over 25 standard sizes of PA/PE bags. On the clients’ request, we manufacture atypical dimensions, on three types: embosse (coextruded) vacuum bags, (thin or thick) smooth bags. The production dimensions vary from a minimum width of 10 cm, a maximum length of 300 cm and thickness between 50 and 250 microns. The production capacity reaches a level of 10.000 pieces/per hour, depending on the requested dimensions.
The production process follows the standard of quality we engaged to, the compulsory hygiene conditions and the creation of a final product that meets the transparency, resistance and protection level against external factors conditions. We assure a high quality of the products using an appropriate raw material, from top European producers, in a thoroughly checked production circuit. The delivery is made upon customers' request, respecting the required dimensions and typology, using a system of fast delivery.

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